New Portrait Studio

As well as continuing with photographic shoots around the UK, I have set up a portrait studio in the centre of Northampton, which is only 1 hour from London and Birmingham by train. This will give clients who require a studio, another option of having there business, corporate, or lifestyle portrait photographed, without hiring studio space. The space is a good size for group portraits,  individual portraits and small set building. For more information, please email or go the the contact page on the website.


Scanning scanning and more Scanning

Over the past few months, and in between shoots, I have been going through thousands of negatives and scanning  selected images for producing ltd edition prints. Negatives from fashion shoots, celebrity portrait shoots, and lifestyle shoots from over the past 25 years. I forgot just how long it takes to produce an image from a neg. It really makes you think about how I work as a photographer today.

Ghost Band Stand

Last week the UK was under heavy snow, fog and ice, and as a result 3 shoots were cancelled, as sitters could not get to the venues. So rather than just drown myself in coffee at Starbucks and look at other people,s work, I went off to capture a few images . The image I was after was of a city/town scene with lots of coloured shop lights reflecting in the snow, with a long exposure of blurred people going home, but as the snow was heavy, a lot of people went home early and most of the shop lights were off at dusk. As I was walking home I stopped at the park and photographed this band stand in the freezing fog.  It was very quite and still, I could see no one but heard voices of people playing in the snow. It was like a still from a dream

Sorry for the delay

Sorry everyone for the Delay in updating my blog, no excuses, but I am determined to keep it up to date during 2018. I have been working on various projects, from film and theatre sets to lifestyle corporate portraits. This portrait is of actor Aiden Gillen { Batman, Game of Thrones}, photographed on set at Pinewood studios for Sky Arts, Urban Myth. Catch it if you can, its all about Cary Grant introducing LSD to Timothy Leary, and produced by “Two Brothers Pictures”. I had to use a housing system for my camera called a “Blimp” to reduce the shutter noise, very cumbersome and restricting to use, if you need one, check out Fixation photographic London. I am also planning some exciting personal projects, so watch this space.

London Calling

Have been a bit behind with my blog updates, no excuse,s but most of my time has been in and out of London, shooting for various publication. I have been shooting portraits in motor racing and the arts. I have also been focusing on my personal work, photographing on film, street photography. One camera one lens. Really enjoyed getting back yo the basics.

McLaren Book Editing

Over the past couple of weeks, most of my time has been editing pictures for a Mclaren GT book. The images have been taken throughout 2016 showing a behind the scenes look with Mclaren. Images include portraits sittings to reportage photography.

The photographs cover races from Australia to Silverstone, This image was taken at Goodwood Festival of Speed.

From Friday the 28th I am back on the road, photographing in Spain.

Driver Portraits

Book Review

My book “Brief Encounters” goes in for another short print run this week, which has a portrait of the actor David Suchet on the front cover. Here is one of the letters from David. He was such a great person to work with, and incredibly helpful. I did a BBC radio interview this week talking about portrait photography, and  when I am asked who was one of the most memorable actors I have photographed, I always say David Suchet.


A bit of a contrast this week, from photographing driver portraits and scenes at the British GT Media event, to downloading new images to my Artfinder online shop. This image was taken in Amsterdam city, on a snowy evening

Prop Room

Another visit to the prop and costume room, where are the Models!!!! they are always late but  great.